S2Tech has more than a dozen years of experience in providing software engineering services for legacy mainframe software platforms. Our applications business analysts and technical programming staff:

  • Estimate software development costs and schedules
  • Analyze and document complex system requirements
  • Interpret software requirements, design specifications to code, manage software development and support, integrate and test software components
  • Provide system applications maintenance and troubleshooting

What we offer

Application Development and Maintenance

Development: We provide both end-to-end solutions (analysis to maintenance) and specific development services.

Maintenance: We excel in quickly understanding aging systems, processes and standards. S2Tech's application maintenance methodology includes adaptive maintenance, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Our comprehensive methodology for application maintenance captures the functionality and processes for the entire maintenance life cycle, which includes:

  • Providing the necessary tools to identify the application business rules
  • Providing value-added services to enhance the capability of the application system
  • Building the tools and techniques to enhance staff productivity
  • Staffing and training the maintenance team on the application system needs, tools, and the maintenance process itself
  • Defining a client-approved quality measurement program

System Operations and Maintenance

S2Tech is a premier provider of system maintenance and operations services. Since 1996 we have specialized in providing domain experienced resources to design, develop, maintain and operate large, complex IT solutions for government and commercial clients.

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