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What we do
S2Tech is an application integration services provider that delivers. Period. No cookie cutter solutions or “one size fits all” models. Every client is unique. The services provided by S2Tech are likewise unique based on what is required to make each client successful. S2Tech project teams blend seamlessly into our client’s operating environments, wholly adopting the client’s agenda as the benchmark for their own success. No exceptions, period.

Identifying, selecting and deploying experienced and capable technical resources, drawing from a global talent pool, IS our core competency. S2Tech has earned a reputation for delivering for our clients, competently and consistently, since 1997. S2Tech serves a variety of clients in both the public and private sectors using a customer-specific delivery model.

Onsite Resources
S2Tech delivers dedicated teams to work with our clients, at their locations, for projects that span anywhere from six months to more than five years.

Development Center Resources
S2Tech maintains multi-client development centers, both domestically and offshore, from which our teams provide technical services to clients throughout the World.

Blended Development Teams
S2Tech pioneered the concept of blending resources onsite, offsite and offshore. The result is a unique ability to optimize results and deliver responsive client services, in the most efficient manner possible, utilizing the best resources available. No walls, time zones or borders. Just a singular focus on client success.

Integrity Matters – Judge Us By the Company We Keep
A “client first” mindset. Claimed by many, but delivered by few. S2Tech has long dedicated itself to a commitment that every professional, regardless of level of expertise, possess this mindset—one dedicated to technical and ethical excellence. It takes a special person to always put the client first, follow best practices, and push forward to “delight” the client by surpassing their expectations—even when it means personal sacrifice. This is a fundamental requirement for any professional seeking to join the S2Tech team, as well as a standard to which we hold ourselves each and every day.

Our leadership team spends an extraordinary amount of their time identifying, selecting, deploying and leading the people that reflect these values to our clients. We do so by systematically screening for technical ability, industry knowledge, tangible and relevant experience, leadership qualities and high ethical standards. The result is a team that shares the same belief in developing a work environment that fosters respect for the individual while promoting the good of the company and the client foremost. This defines teamwork at S2Tech… helping others succeed while always taking the ethical road.

Consistent with this standard, S2Tech values and invests in long-term relationships with our employees as opposed to the “revolving-door” mentality all too common in the technology services business. The company offers training and certification programs to help employees grow and continuously enrich both their personal and professional lives. Far from simple altruism, S2Tech nurtures its relationships with its employees for one simple reason -- to create positive relationships that benefit our clients.

… See every problem as an opportunity to exercise creative energy
. - Stephen Covey

The Logical Choice
S2Tech realizes that its clients have many choices in selecting an IT services partner. Why would S2Tech be their logical choice? Clients choose S2Tech because of its…

  • Extraordinarily high degree of relevant industry expertise available when and where our clients require that it be deployed. From health care to a variety of state government programs, S2Tech has the experience to get the job done.
  • Access to a depth of technical resources, deployed using the most efficient and effective delivery models as required to ensure client success. From mainframe and legacy systems capabilities, to Java and .Net, S2Tech has the resources required to get the job done.
  • Commitment to the industries we serve. For example S2Tech has developed a much sought-after MMIS Training and Certification program that is regularly updated to include the latest government policy changes and initiatives. This training program allows us to quickly provide MMIS knowledge to our consultants that would otherwise take months or years to obtain without it.
  • A Legacy of Success. As described in the client first description above, S2Tech is never satisfied to simply meet our client’s expectations. Our teams are committed to going the extra mile to “delight” our clients, surpassing as opposed to simply meeting all expectations.
  • MBE Status: S2Tech is a minority-owned company, possessing Minority Business Enterprise certifications in more than a dozen states and local jurisdictions. It is often advantageous for a large company to partner with an MBE in an effort to win government contracts.
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