Ravindran Perumal Iowa Ravindran Perumal
"Within the environs of S2Tech, I see an exceptional source of ideas, experiences and knowledge, which goes well beyond powerful career leverage. I believe S2Tech provides an unbeatable environment, which gives one a bounty of options and a rich menu of opportunities to suit his/her talents and skill level. My work has the right combination of ideas, learning and fun, and gives me a sense of unique accomplishment when I see it tangibly impacting my client's business.

Most organizations’ missions basically revolve around client satisfaction. However, S2Tech's mission is not only to satisfy the client but to also delight the client, which I believe is very unique with this organization.

Client delight is the underlying goal behind every project of S2Tech and our clients have come to expect quality of service in every assignment we undertake. The challenge of finding innovative ways to improve our clients' businesses and the opportunity of delighting the client are the most exciting aspects of my job at S2Tech.