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Fortune Fund Program
S2Tech’s Fortune Fund is supported by two charitable organizations: the Fortune Fund Ltd in the United States and the Fortune Fund Society in Hyderabad, India.

S2Tech’s Fortune Fund, LTD., headquartered in Chesterfield, MO., is a tax exempt, non-profit organization as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Fortune Fund is classified as a public charity and all contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code. The Fund is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code.More than 97% of all contributions are used to directly support our students and their classroom facilities. Because we believe so strongly in education as one of the most important keys to success, S2Tech matches every employee contribution to the Fortune Fund.

Day Veerlapati, S2Tech’s President and CEO, established the Fortune Fund to support educationalopportunities for children from impoverished families in rural Indian communities. Financial assistance from the Fund enables the children’s parents, farmers or laborers who cannot afford the luxury of an education, to let their children go to school and allows them to keep their children in school much longer than possible without financial support. In addition, some of the students sponsored by the Fund are orphans whose lives are forever changed by the opportunity to obtain an education.

The Fund is currently sponsoring 40 students in two high schools, VVHS Matampally and ZPSS Laknepally. (In India, high school is the equivalent of 7th through 10th grade in the US) Each school year, the Fortune Fund selectsat least five students in each school who are entering the 7th standard (grade). The students are selected based on their rank in the class (they must have good grades) and their family’s financial status. As long as the student continues to do well academically, the Fund will provide financial support until the student graduates from high school.

For less than $40 per year per student, the Fortune Fund pays for the student’s tuition, school supplies, twouniforms, and a pair of shoes. In addition, the Fund has helped to equip each school with books, lab equipment, computers, and Internetaccess. Most recently, S2Tech has started two new programs to assist Fund students beyond high school:

  • The Fortune Fund will pay all expenses, including room and board, for students accepted into the Kavitha Junior College (the equivalent of the 11th and 12th grades in the US). The Fund currently sponsors 20 students in this junior college in Kodad, India, at a cost of less than $500 annually per student.

  • When a Fortune Fund student is accepted into a major college or university, the company will guarantee their college loans as long as the student continues to maintain an acceptable grade point average.
S2Tech’s employees in our Hyderabad, India Development Center (HDC) provide encouragement and emotional support to Fortune Fund students. Through a voluntary educational support program, we assign an employee to mentor each Fund sponsored student. The mentors meet with their students personally; correspond with them through e-mail about school activities and homework; and encourage them to study and work hard to obtain good grades.

The following comments are from S2Tech mentors who have visited Fortune Fund students in the Matampally and Laknepally high schools:

“I liked the way the kids treated us when we arrived at the school. We were a little bit late at Matamapally that day and they were patiently waiting for us. It made me feel how important it was for the kids to see their mentors. I can just see how happy they became when they got the gifts which we bought and it was a great feeling for me. I’m very happy that I’m a part of this Fortune Fund program and I hope S2Tech will be including more children in this program and make it a more successful one.”
- Desmond Stelzer

“The Fortune fund is the versatile program conducted by our company. I have visited both the schools on Fortune Fund trips. These schools reflect our nation’s future. Participating in this program makes me feel very proud because as a human being it is very satisfied feeling while motivating and encouraging village budding talents in the schools. The innocence in their faces, zeal in their eyes and talent in them is very good to see. All the children who are eligible for the Fortune Fund are energetic and proactive. Thanks to Mr. Day Veerlapati and Mr. Pratap Gonae for conducting such social development programs for students education. This program will not only boost the student’s talent but also improves the standard of living in their families and within the village. This will also make a drastic change in our nation’s future. It’s an honorable thought and implementation. It might be a small contribution on behalf of S2Tech but remember that “Small drops make a mighty Ocean” so,I wish this program will help producing great leaders and talented citizen of the country.”
- Uttamraj Amarlapuri

“Really it is a great thought of helping and encouraging children towards a good career through the Fortune Fund program. We shared lot of ideas and sweet moments with the children in Lakinepally School. We are saying our heart-ful thanks to S2Tech for developing a program that allows its employees to participate in an educational mentoring program. My special thanks to Mr. PratapGonae for organizing useful talent tests and competitions for the children in schools.”
- Jagdeesh Arava

S2Tech would like to thank our employees who contribute to the Fortune Fund and those who put in extra effort to mentor Fund students. And, we are especially thankful to Mr. Day Veerlapati, who on behalf of the company,matches every dollar and rupee contributed by our employees.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fortune Fund or in making a contribution, please contact Day Veerlapati at 636-530-9286 x101 or via email at .

You may also visit our Fortune Fund website.

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